The painting line at Kongskilde:
•  Six stage chamber washer
•  One gas heated dryer oven
•  Cooling zone
•  Three powder booth ovens
•  Direct heated curing oven
•  Power & Free conveyor system

ideal-line has delivered four other painting lines to Kongskilde with much success.

This line was integrated into an existing shotblaster / Power & Free system  - this means no re-hanging.

The painting line was fitted into narrow room and build during the time where existing line would still be producing to makes sure the production had no down-time.

A big advantage is that the paitning line matches all products / parts of the Kongskilde production. One painting line for all products / parts.

The products for this industry is often very large and very heavy.  The painting line is designed to match these needs.

The dimensions for the products / parts of Kongskilde are:

L x W x H (mm)
5000 x 1500 x 2800 

Weight: max 600 kg

Conveyor speed: 6min / trolley